Event organizers, invite us to your next outing, make it stand out, and reap these benefits:


We'll shoot every athlete , and give them the option of taking them home on USB drive, ordering a package of prints, or contract with us so everyone gets their photos for FREE.  On request, we'll also shoot team portraits, which can either be ordered on site, or provided as part of every team's entry fee.  Onsite photo printing is also an option in advance.


Package Deals

If we shoot both photos and videos, customers can save by ordering packages of both mediums.  Combine both on USB drive, or order a DVD and we'll ship it home to them.



Shared Revenue

We'll share a percentage of all sales with the host organization.  Everybody wins...the more sales we make, the more revenue to your organization


We'll shoot them all or any number of them, depending on the size of your event.  Every athlete gets videoed, and they have the option to take home the videos that day on USB drive, order a DVD to be shipped out to them, or view and download them online or on our mobile app..


100% Coverage

Customers can pre-schedule one of our staff professionals to follow their athlete for the entire event.  From March in, every event, right through to awards, we'll capture every moment of their event experience.  Photos, videos, or both are available.  MUST BE BOOKED WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE EVENT


LIVE Event Streaming

Broadcast your event LIVE overt the internet to your Facebook page, You tube account, Twitter feed, or your own web site.  Shoot one event, or the entire receital, the options are endless.  Attract more sponsors and generate more revenue for your group.


ALL IN option

Provide EVERY participant with copies of their events as part of the meet entrance fee.  Photos, videos, or both are available and fees are negotiated when we book your event.