It all started simply enough.  As a parent, our founder developed a passion for taking photos and videos of competitive gymnastics as his daughter became a competitive gymnast in RI.  Finding it very difficult, sometimes, to photograph and video from the stands, under bad lighting, with horrible acoustics, he felt there had to be a better way.

Starting with some small local meets, we began working with meet organizers, to provide other parents, gymnasts, and coaches with high quality recordings of their floor routines, that they could take home with them from the meet. Over time we grew to offer photos and video recordings of multiple events at larger and larger meets, including both State and regional level USA Gymnastics competitions.   Our team of professionals is constantly growing and evolving, and at times we'll have as many as 20 photographers and videographers all covering the same event at the same time....and we're always looking for that next challenge.

Expanding on our success in gymnastics, and due in large part to customer requests, we now provide coverage in an ever expanding universe of sports including gymnastics, soccer, basketball, equestrian, golf, road races, football, and all styles of dance recitals and national competitions.  With a total range of services including HD videos,  stunning photos,  individual and team portraits, LIVE event streaming of your event over the internet, and even 100% coverage of individual event experiences, you won't find a more complete package anywhere!

Our Lifestyle group takes all of our expertise and experience from sports, and expands into your school class pictures, dance portraits, corporate outings, and public shows such as outdoor festivals and golf shows.

We are constantly striving to provide the BEST product and experience to our partners, athletes, coaches, etc...  Ever the technology geeks, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest gear to enhance our service, and will sometimes serve as a test platform for new advancements.

Some of our clients that we are proud to have worked with include: